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“We spend our lives rising stars. Without realizing, we fuel them with pieces of us. The day they die, we get back a metamorphosed version of what we once gave away. While mourning, as if a part of ourselves left too, we wake to watch our last star as a mirror of our own defects and glitches.”
Prague based indie pop duo The Envlps releases a new single Last Star. With its digital kaleidoscope the band offers a fractured view on the way how we form a pop culture and how it consequently turns back to shape us.
These last few years we have witnessed a change in how we see the stars. We used to perceive, judge and celebrate everyone based on their personas. We tuned out, ignored and even actively silenced everything that was just a little uncomfortable for us. Now we are left in the state that transcends the entertainment, grief, disenchantment or anger and immerses us in a new space where we need to figure out how to look at stardom again.
Following the precedent set by band’s previous releases, this song was also produced and mixed by Jakub Tranta, a half of the duo. This is one of ways in which the aspiring band The Envlps closely controls their sound and overall aesthetics, which involves a careful interweaving of songs, band name, visuals, live sound and stage design of live shows — all very unexpected for a small indie band on this indie level.
Single Last Star comes with a music video that was directed by filmmakers Mika Johnson (director of the web series The Amerikans and VRwandlung: a virtual reality adaptation of Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis.) and Martin Schumet

The music video for Last Star mirrors the song’s theme as the lyrics hint at the ways in which pop culture mutates both those who join its ranks, as performers, and those who consume it. By manipulating and rearranging images of Marilyn Monroe, the video both reproduces the performer’s own struggle with her image and examines the ways in which audiences influence the life of a performer. She is the Last Star symbolizing that all images are beyond our control; once created, they have the potential to destroy us.
Listen to the new single on Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music, Bandcamp or anywhere else! Video is set to be released a week after the single is out but you can watch a teaser now.


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Prague based dark indie pop duo making a music balancing between fuzzy melodies and scratchy melancholy drenched in a dreamy mood.

Songs Stare, Envelopes and Catwalk got air time on some of the most respected Czech radio stations such as Radio 1 and Radio Wave. The Envlps are also active live act and performed at numerous Czech well known venues and festivals including legendary Boskovice, festival, unique Freiplatz, Prague’s United Islands or at non-music events and so they performed at Zlin Design Week, the major Czech design conference and at Encounter, the international festival of theater.
We, The Envlps, are completely independent DIY project. Any kind of support or mentioning can have a significant impact on the band and its future. Thank you for considering!

Best regards,

Jakub Tranta
& Seif Gouta